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On the heels of his bestselling and award winning book Out Underground Gay Graphics From Before Stonewall, Thomas Waugh offers more historic and erotically charged drawings, depicting aspects of gay male sexuality that were once hidden from public view. The more than 200, never before published images in Lust Unearthed are from the private collection of Ambrose DuBek, a Hollywood costume and set designer (his work included George Cukor s 1939 film The Women) who died in 2002 at the age of 87, and whose estate included a wealth of erotic materials, including books, periodicals, prints, and films. DuBek was a passionate advocate and patron of the arts who felt that life and the body were to be celebrated; he had no patience for other people s attempts to make him feel guilty for his attractions and desires, nor any qualms about the different worlds in which he operated. The images from DuBek s collection published here are remarkably frank and explicit depictions of gay men in action created by numerous artists both famous and unknown, and produced during a time when even nude images of men were illegal, and thus rare. Lust Unearthed brings these images out of the boxes in which they were carefully kept and into the light of present day, where expressions of gay male sexuality can be validated and indeed, celebrated. Waugh s text is a remarkable history lesson that illuminates a once furtive underground culture.

About this Item: LOFT and HBI, New York, 2000. Hardcover. Condition: Near Fine. Solo armandosi di carta e penna (e catalogando) ogni pezzo, ogni quadro, ogni scultura, ogni testo sacro ritrova il suo nome e torna a vivere, prima ancora di tornare a casa propria. Il museo non è solamente il luogo dove stanno le opere, altrimenti anche quella miniera avrebbe potuto esprimere un sentimento artistico. Un museo è dove le opere esistono e parlano a chi le guarda.

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The common good sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily a second basic principle for ethical evaluation of social communications. It should be understood inclusively, as the whole of those worthy purposes to which a communitys members commit themselves together and which the community exists to realize and sustain. The good of individuals depends upon the common good of their communities..